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5 Ways You Will Market Better in 2013

5 Ways You Will Market Better in 2013 Now that were well into 2013, I thought it might be useful to review some ways (5 to be precise) you can commit to improving your marketing this year. New year’s resolutions are so “last month”. 1.) You will improve search performance Google has made changes. You are […]

Trends I’m Watching 2014

Trends I’m Watching 2014 Note: Every year we use this space to look at what is happening now that gives us insight into where things are going. I hope you’ll check out the great work at the other ends of these hyper-links. Evolving Skeuomorphism UI matters. How do you like the look of iOS7? where are […]

Trends We’re Watching 2013

Trends We’re Watching 2013 Our Year Preview was a little delayed this year. Hope it still counts. Death Widely Exaggerated People like to talk about the death of media channels. Heck, I’ve done it. Death makes for great link bait, so there is bound to be a lot of that kind of talk as digital channels […]

Content Engineering Is The New Marketing

Content Engineering Is The New Marketing Sick of it yet? The endless repetitive recurring death of marketing meme. Marketing is always changing so we’re always going to hear “marketing is dead–long live marketing”. It’s a dramatic way of confirming how fickle and well-informed buyers are- whether they are b2b or b2c. Search has clearly become […]

Death And Authenticity Revisited

Death And Authenticity Revisited What does Amy Winehouse have to do with the Norway terror besides sad timing? Authenticity. Extreme authenticity. When people read my book they go right to this section and blast me: “those deaths are in no way connected” they claim. It’s a random meaningless coincidence–sad, but unrelated. Sad, yes. Unrelated no. The Norway massacre is […]

The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back There is a fundamental debate about processing and UI with the arrival of Windows 8. I’m an unapologetic APPL Fan Boy from way back, and I’ll never forgive MSFT for losing Ray Ozzie. Never the less, I’m willing to give MSFT the benefit of the doubt on W8. Why? Because as both Gruber and Newman point out […]

Trends I’m Watching 2011

Trends I’m Watching 2011 1. Facebook’s Temporary Web Dominance This is the Big Trend next year as the new-new Facebook rolls out. The Olds will protest, while the kids couldn’t care less. In the middle though, a notable number of regular people will love having all their communication content in one place. This will create an enormous […]

Trends I’m Watching in 2010

Trends I’m Watching in 2010 Small is the new big– The Artisan Movement In an attempt to get “authentic” Starbucks is “de-branding“. consumers want artisanal zeal from their brands. Wall mart has the price position– every other brand position up for grabs next year. The recession kicked the chessboard. People talk about “authentic” but words matter, […]