“There are hundreds of marketing firms in Atlanta. Mediathink is the only one that we interviewed who discussed value justification. Mediathink showed us how to link effective website management and web applications to the incremental dollars they drive to a company’s bottom line. These days technology is irrelevant, it’s all about the financial results. Mediathink showed us how to communicate that credibly during the marketing and sales process. We continually call on them for help growing our business They continue to provide us with unique, honest intelligence that drives value for Digital Positions. If you want a fresh perspective if you want a fiscally responsible approach, and if need results, call Mediathink.”

David Taylor-KlausPrincipal Digital Positions

I was certain that I was the last CEO who would hire a ‘marketing consultant’. Prior to running eJustify it, I was a career sales professional. I sold hardware, software, and services to Global 1000 companies around the world. For me, marketers had always been more of a hindrance than help. Knowing this, we still retained Mediathink to help us build eJustifyIt because they could demonstrate they were different. Mediathink guaranteed a short-term, defined engagement, assured us that costs wouldn’t move, and built a plan that was realistic. Deploying Mediathink worked. For every $1 eJustifyIt! invested in marketing activity, we’ve returned $5 in incremental profit. I can tell you, it is worth an initial visit to see if Mediathink can do for you what they have done for eJustifyIt!”

George Murphy CEO, eJustifyIt!

“As a design firm, we know a little about marketing people—we work with a bunch of them. Many of these marketing people are weird. Mediathink is weird, too. But in a good way. They are weird because they are honest, sometimes brutally. Their ability to quantify the effects of marketing strategy and tactics, their unique business model, and their enthusiasm for their clients make them a curiosity among their peers. We hired Mediathink to help us fine-tune our internal processes, our positioning, and our sales process. It worked. The end result is that we’re able to communicate what makes us different than other design shops, we are able to accomplish more for our clients using fewer resources, and we can demonstrate how design work drives business impact. We’ve closed almost $100,000 in new business in 4 months as a result of our relationship with Mediathink and we couldn’t be happier.”

Sheri Bedard Owner, Spin Design

“C&H Financial interviewed a number of companies and were extremely impressed by Mediathink and their ability to understand the corporate benefits industry. In a timely manner, using a value-centric approach, they researched our competitors and talked with our clients. As benefits consultants, we needed ways to distinguish ourselves from our competition. Mediathink helped us uncover what drives C&H’s value and performance and demonstrate it to our prospects. Mediathink put together strategy and tactics that focused our sales people on our prospects’ issues.. C&has engaged with Mediathink a second time because they help grow our company and our people. If you think you are not getting all of the business you should, if you feel stuck, or if you know you have something special and need to have the right people hear about it, call Mediathink.”

Tony CannataCEO, C&H Financial

“We work with Mediathink because they are able to quickly provide Socketware with the intelligence needed to speed our sales cycle. By identifying rich verticals, key decision makers, and reviewing our media and advertising spending they helped us close sales faster for less money. Their first question is not ‘what’s your budget’ when we call them. Mediathink took the time required to thoroughly understand the email marketing software industry and how Socketware fits into the bigger picture of our client’s revenue growth, that’s why we’ve used them for a number of years. They work to understand what it is that we are trying to accomplish and then work to get the results we need. They do the extra things that help us as a business.”

Tricia RobinsonSr. VP of Communications, Socketware
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